In the area of quality assurance of production parts our main goal is to guarantee ok parts for our customer. Ideally this is already assured by FOCUSON with an exact incoming and outgoing goods inspection directly at the manufacturer or due to our permanent presence at various plants.
In addition, FOCUSON can offer an own factory work room, where your parts can be checked, sorted and reworked. Our factory work rooms are equipped with most modern checking and sorting places as well as antistatic floors for electronic assembly parts. Working together with your logistics department FOCUSON also organizes the delivery and the return of your goods.

Your crucial advantage? Your customer only gets ok parts.

  • Checking, sorting and reworking of production parts
  • Quality Gates and line checking 24 hours a day
  • Checking of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Internal and external product audits
  • Detailed documentation
  • External Sorting Areas

Otherwise the not ok parts of the already supplied goods are being sorted out or reworked. Here, FOCUSON is constantly in touch with the manufacturer in order to quickly and precisely inform about the upcoming problem and to coordinate and start the adequate elimination measure.

Above this FOCUSON audits the parts with standardized audit checklists and considering defect characteristics respectively. So especially with project starts the quality stays the same and possible quality improvements can be quickly determined. Parts of our services are the daily reports about the actual working status and at the end of the job detailed summaries with diverse analysis.


Making quality visible! FOCUSON Industrial Services takes over the complete development or implementation of quality assurance systems and processes at companies, whereas our focus lies on incoming goods, production and outgoing goods.

Performance measurement systems make quality measurable. FOCUSON developed a special tool which can be used on a neutral basis or which can also be adapted to the individual needs of the customer. These permanent checks using performance measurement systems help to work continuously on the own system and on set targets.

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